xpcc::Mcp2515< SPI, CS, INT > Class Template Reference

Driver for the MPC2515 CAN controller. More...

#include <xpcc/driver/can/mcp2515.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for xpcc::Mcp2515< SPI, CS, INT >:
xpcc::Can xpcc::Peripheral

Static Public Member Functions

static bool initialize (uint32_t bitrate)
static void setFilter (accessor::Flash< uint8_t > filter)
static void setMode (Can::Mode mode)
static bool isMessageAvailable ()
static bool getMessage (can::Message &message)
static bool isReadyToSend ()
static bool sendMessage (const can::Message &message)
static BusState getBusState ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from xpcc::Can
template<class SystemClock , uint32_t bitrate = Bitrate::kBps125, uint16_t tolerance = Tolerance::OnePercent>
static void initialize (Mode startupMode)
 Initializes the hardware and sets the baudrate. More...
static bool isMessageAvailable ()
 Returns true if a message can be retrieved by calling getMessage.
static bool getMessage (can::Message &message)
 Returns true if a message was copied into the message buffer.
static bool isReadyToSend ()
 The CAN controller has a free slot to send a new message. More...
static bool sendMessage (const can::Message &message)
 Send a message over the CAN. More...
static uint8_t getReceiveErrorCounter ()
 Get Receive Error Counter.
static uint8_t getTransmitErrorCounter ()
 Get Transmit Error Counter.
static BusState getBusState ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from xpcc::Peripheral
template<uint32_t available, uint32_t requested, uint16_t tolerance>
static void assertBaudrateInTolerance ()
 Since baudrates are usually generated by prescaling a system clock, only several distinct values can be generated. More...

Protected Types

enum  SpiCommand {

Static Protected Member Functions

static void writeRegister (uint8_t address, uint8_t data)
static uint8_t readRegister (uint8_t address)
static void bitModify (uint8_t address, uint8_t mask, uint8_t data)
static uint8_t readStatus (uint8_t type)
static void writeIdentifier (const uint32_t &identifier, bool isExtendedFrame)
static bool readIdentifier (uint32_t &identifier)

Static Protected Attributes

static SPI spi
static CS chipSelect
static INT interruptPin

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from xpcc::Can
enum  Mode : uint8_t {
 Possible modes of the CAN controller. More...
enum  Bitrate : uint32_t {
 Supported CAN bitrates; maybe different on a per device basis.
enum  BusState : uint8_t {

Detailed Description

template<typename SPI, typename CS, typename INT>
class xpcc::Mcp2515< SPI, CS, INT >

Template Parameters
SPISPI interface
CSChip select pin
INTInterrupt pin

If you want to activate the internal pull-up for the INT pin you need to do this by yourself before calling the initialize method!

Fabian Greif

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